Ken & Zooey Jeong

"We both love the Agoura Children's Theatre. Ellen Marano is the most amazing teacher in the world, along with Laura and Vanessa.  Zooey has learned so much about acting.  It's just been a wonderful experience and continues to be.  Thank you so much. Love you guys."

Pamela Norton

"My twins began attending Agoura Children's Theatre when they were 4 years old and 5 years later, they still enjoy attending Susan's classes. Susan provides a safe and nurturing environment that not only teaches all aspects of putting on plays, such as learning and memorizing lines, stage direction and production, but also emphasizes team work and building self esteem. They love the improvisational games and always look forward to going to ACT. If you are looking for a summer camp, ACT also has a wonderful program."


“I never thought I could do improv until I took classes with A.C.T. Ellen pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way!” “ and that “I love that it’s a small, low key theater with original scripts. Not the usual stuff.”


"I love Agoura Children Theatre because it's fun and you can express yourself through acting."

Carla Ondrasik

"Our daughter LOVES her time at Agoura Children's Theater. She has been going
for the past 4 years and has not missed a session. She has made wonderful friends and learned so much while having a great time. Susan has an extraordinary relationship with the kids and everyone is made to feel welcome. We enjoy the shows and are so grateful to have this theater in our community."

Romy Dolgin

Agoura Children's Theater is home. Plain and simple. Not just to me, not just to the Maranos, not just to the veterans who have been coming for years. Every person who walks through the front door is coming home. I felt it nine years ago, when I walked into my first class. I felt it last week when I walked into my last class. The warm, accepting environment embraces any and everyone.

This home, like all homes, houses a family. And this family has been there for me through everything, thick and thin. They have taught me how to voice my opinion, how to be myself, how to fearlessly walk into the unknown. I wouldn't be who I am today without A.C.T. Without the skills and confidence that I learned here, I
never would have participated in things like student government, speech and debate, and social advocacy. I never would have had the tools to explore my passions.

I am so grateful to be a part of this quirky little family. I wish that everyone could experience the joy and love that I have felt here over the past nine years. And I know that as long as A.C.T. is up and running, kids will have those experiences, and they will continue to grow as actors, but more importantly as wholesome, confident individuals.